Myofascial Techniques and Functional Movement Assessments


Miofascial Techniques and Functional Movement Assessments for the Athlete and Active Person

Who: Magnus & Bobbi Eklund
When: October 3 – 4,  9 AM – 6 PM
Credits: 16 CE Hours

Cost: $275

“It’s the fascia that envelops and crosses joints. Joints become the red flags; they tell you if and how something is wrong. You have to look for relationship, not only of joints, but within all the mesodermal tissue. This will give you a more inclusive picture of what is going on in a body that if you look at the muscles.”

–Dr. Ida P. Rolf

"Magnus's instructional style leads to that crystal-clear movement we all hope for when investing in a hands-on massage CE seminar; that moment of revelation when one realizes this work just makes sense. Powerful and effective, this is something I can do to make a genuine difference in the well-being of my clients. Magnus's three-part DVD series is an invaluable learning tool to use as a complement to his CE seminars."

Melissa K Benson

LMT - LA 3406

Description: This course presents the fundamental concepts &strategies of Synergetic ™Myofascial Therapyincorporating advanced myofascial techniques, stretching, joint ROM & functional movementfor working with athletes.

  • Learn how to combine hands –on myofascial techniques with active movements forthe athlete and active client.
  • Learn postural and movement assessments to better understand how to improve structure through specific applications of myofascial techniques. Learning these skills will help youintegrate fascial techniques into a session for your athlete and active clients
  • Learnhowtoprepare the body for safe structural work in deeper muscles and fascia.
  • Learn sport specific advanced myofascial techniques and assessments to improve functional movement and prevent injuries.

(This is NOT a sports massage event course –no prior experience with myofascial techniques required)
Approved CE: NCBTMB, FL, GA, MS, AL, LA 122 – 1872 – boards approved

Video Demonstration

Magnus Eklund BCSI, MS LMT 144 an LMT since 1994 and a KMI graduate where he studied with Tom Myers. He is board certified in Structural Integration (CBSI) 500 hours. He is an Advanced Guild for Structural Integration Practitioner, where he studied the fascial work of Dr. Rolf with Emmet Hutchins. He is a graduate of Lillsved Sports Institute in his native country, Sweden (Human anatomy/exercise physiology). He has worked with professional athletes, USIBC Ballet Dancers & Olympic Athletes & was selected an official member of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics athletes medical team (sports MT). He is the founder of SMT & has taught since 1999 in cities like: Chicago IL, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, LA, Memphis, Nashvill, TN, Birmingham, Mobile, Dothan, AL, Biloxi, Jackson, MS, Atlanta, Savannah, GA, Orlando, Destin FL & more.
Bobbi Eklund AL LMT 1691 is an RMT since 1991, & CSMT graduate (Sunergetic™ Myofascial Therapy – 200 hours) is the founder & instructor of Enterprise School of Massage. A movement educator since 1991, she specializes in teaching advanced fascial work & ground-breaking body mechanics.