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Synergetic™ Structural Integration - Myofascial Therapy

Synergetic™ Structural Integrator

This session begins with a postural and functional mobility assessment. The technique mostly employed throughout this session involves fascial work. Also, stretching, rocking/shaking, and joint range of motion. It has been proven that applying deep, slow pressure, working dry, without lotion or oil, effects change of the chronic stuck weaving of fascia that binds our body together from the most superficial layers of the skin to the deepest in the joints, around the organs, and even in the brain. With this work, we create in the body the healthy tension needed to be upright and balanced. Walk away from this session in less pain, breathing better, and more aligned. Feel good in your body again after a series of these sessions!

60 minutes $125
90 minutes $175

Founders of Synergetic™ Structural Integration

Please call Magnus at 601-500-0337 to schedule your appointment.

  • 60 minutes $125
  • 90 minutes $175
Synergetic™ Myofascial Movement Session

Movement session Magnus Eklund LMT 144, BCSI, ISSA certified fitness trainer, SMT Mobility, Specialist

The focus on movement sessions is to complement Synergetic™ Myofascial Therapy and Structural Integration hands-on sessions by further improving upon posture and mobility. Each session consists of flexibility and joint range of motion movements, light resistance strength therapeutic exercises, functional movement exercises, breathing techniques, and advanced myofascial hands-on techniques as needed. The sessions are individualized and tailored for your
specific mobility needs. We generally start with a series of three and can be scheduled weekly, biweekly or monthly.


Please call Magnus at 601-500-0337 to schedule your appointment.

  • 60 minute $100
Myofascial Cupping
You might have seen professional athletes such as Michael Phelps in the 2016 Olympics use cupping to reduce muscle soreness and tightness.

Cupping is an ancient form of therapy intended to facilitate healing with blood flow that can benefit anyone in need of tension relief.
We use dry and oil cupping with silicone, plastic or rubber cups. We also utilize a cupping machine that has a lighter pressure and can cover a larger area but is not as specific as individual cupping which has more of a deep tissue effect.

60 minutes $125

Body Talk
A system created by John Veltheim, Body Talk is considered one of the many Complimentary and Alternative Medicines (CAM). It Improves the quality of life, without harmful side effects. It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, works with the energy of the body, and is a highly intuitive work. It is incredibly effective in balancing the physical, mental, and emotional self in a non-invasive way. This healing system is mentioned in Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief book detailing the science behind this and other methods of energy healing.

Approx. 60 minutes $115

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue uses a constant compression stroke, lotion, some friction, and other specific techniques, to work in the deeper layers of the body to release tension. Leave this session feeling worked over!

60 minutes $140

The Swedes call this type of massage “Classical”. It has a reputation for being relaxing. We combine the Swedish massage techniques, which are applied with oil, with our therapeutic base skill set and leave the client feeling well cared for, relaxed, and limber.

60 minutes $85
90 minutes $125

Basalt Hot Stones with Therapeutic Massage

Basalt stones have a high mineral content which is beneficial to the body. The combination of massage and warm oiled stones will leave you deeply relaxed as tension melts away not only your musculature but even in your joints.

60 minutes $90
90 minutes $140

Therapeutic Foot Treatment & Shiatsu Facial Massage
This treatment begins with a salt scrub and warm towel application followed by a mud wrap to the feet and additionally, warm booties. We then focus on the scalp and facial Shiatsu massage is applied as we allow time for the mud to nourish fully. Once the mud is removed, the modalities used on the feet are reflexology, myofascial techniques, and Acupressure Reflexology. (note: we use gloves for the foot treatment so we have clean hands when working at the head!)

60 minutes $90

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