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NEW Stretch Joint!

Increase your range of motion and flexibility progressively with the Synergetic Myofascial Stretch Method! We stretch YOU!

Safe & Effective

We use safe and proven assisted myofascial stretching techniques to manipulate muscles and fascia into proper positioning for stability and support to enhance your effortless mobility.

Stretch Reflex

We work with your body’s stretch reflex to reset neuromuscular behavior in response to a stretch. The stretch reflex is your body’s way to protect you from getting overstretched.

Lengthen Muscles

Think of how a quick, jerky movement may negatively affect your muscles, even causing pain. Our Synergetic Myofascial Stretch Method will work slowly and safely to fully lengthen your muscles so that they work in synergy with the stretch reflex, not against it.

Age gracefully!

It is commonly accepted that as we age, we lose flexibility and space in the body. The sedentary lifestyle and traumas and mental and physical stress on the body eventually get the best of most of us. As our posture starts to deteriorate with forward head posture and low back tightness our bodies create a form of scar tissue that “glues” muscles together and we start losing space and FREEDOM of movement in the body. Assisted stretching helps to break up this “gluing” effect in muscles and fascia and improves circulation not only in muscles but also, in nerve flow and improves your POSTURE. Many say they feel younger with assisted stretching as they are now able to walk and enjoy the physical activities they used to. Some might say it slows down the aging process and gives them more energy to enjoy life.

Reduce stiffness and soreness in your muscles!

When a muscle gets over worked it produces stiffness and sometimes soreness in the soft tissues and joints. This is different from the muscle soreness that occurs when you train at the gym. We need a balanced tonus of the muscles to have stability and smooth movement, but when muscles contract excessively the body gets out of structural/postural balance. This increased tension in the muscle makes a person feel heavy and stiff in their movements and even at rest. Assisted stretching will create a balance between opposing muscles and brings a more effortless movement pattern.

Increase your joint range of motion

Assisted stretching works with neuromuscular reeducation of the body. Bottom line you will be able to move better, increase joint range of motion and reduce tension in muscles and fascia which in turn allows you to live in harmony with the stretch reflex. Assisted stretching allows you to stretch further without the stretch reflex being over-activated. The stretch reflex is the body’s way of protecting itself from injury. The more you safely and effectively stretch the less the stretch reflex is activated.

Improve athletic performance

Functional mobility and movement greatly enhance athletic ability and sports performance. Assisted stretching is important not just as a warmup or cooldown, but also to prevent injuries and recovery. Balance and reaction are greatly improved as well. When an athlete receives assisted stretching on a regular basis it creates a sense of space, and freedom in movements and will bring an increased awareness about the muscles and fascia’s role in movement.

Magnus and Bobbi with Synergetic Myofascial Stretch Method are trained in many types of stretching such as Joint range of motion stretch, PNF, Aaron Mattes – Active Isolated Stretch – AIS, Sports massage stretch, Assisted Yoga static stretching, Thai stretching, and Shiatsu. You are in good hands as they have a combined 60 years in the manual therapy profession. Experience and competent training make a world of difference in your assisted stretch session!


  • 30 minutes: $50 (First session $30)
  • 50 minutes: $89 (First session $49)
  • Package of 10 – 30-minute sessions: $450
  • Package of 10 – 50-minute sessions: $795