SMT Practitioners

When massage therapy is not specific or deep enough –
Optimize mobility and structural balance – Relieve myofascial and neuromuscular pain – Recover quicker – Prevent injuries – Finally, feel good in your body.


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SSI Graduates

Taught by Magnus Eklund BCSI in a 200-hour synergetic Structural Integration  Certification program and have additional training in Myofascial Therapy with a minimum of 25 hours to several hundred hours. Synergetic Structural Integration is inspired by the work of Dr. Ida P Rolf. SSI practitioners are trained in the SSI 10 series, pain-relieving Myofascial techniques and Functional Movement assessments.

SMT Practitioners

Taught by Magnus Eklund BCSI in a 200-hour synergetic Myofascial Therapy Certification program inspired by the work of Dr. Ida P Rolf. They are trained in the SMT 10 series and Functional Movement assessments.

Workshop Attendees

Massage therapists that have attended 75 – 100 hours of SMT training workshops.

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Massage Therapy is not a replacement for medical care. Massage Therapists do not diagnose, move bones, treat or prescribe. Magnus Eklund is not a Rolfer (TM) nor does he teach Rolfing (TM). He is a board certified Structural Integrator (BCSI) and a licensed massage therapist in MS and AL.

NCBTMB 450063-06, FL & GA 50-9284, MS 29, LA 122 and AL CE approved.