Crystal Brothers TN LMT
I am blown away by the profound changes in my body after receiving Synergetic Structural Integration. When I first met Magnus and Bobbi at a weekend workshop I was instantly excited by this work and intrigued by their thorough demonstrations and discussions. They are a dynamic duo who teach with thoughtfulness and care. Learning a new skill can be a humbling experience but they understand and make space for this process. Receiving corrections on my body mechanics and techniques helped me feel like a more effective therapist. Magnus and Bobbi helped me translate these techniques to my body proportions to utilize my strengths and work on the areas in which I had less experience. Their professional candor makes this work accessible and they provide a light-hearted and loving atmosphere. Going to their school and receiving this training from Magnus and Bobbi was an absolute privilege. My eyes are open to this work and the positive change and healing that takes place, at first with my classmates and now with my clients. I feel energized with each session and I love my new career. Thank you, Magnus and Bobbi!!!