Text Magnus
Olesya - MS 2591
“Magnus and Bobbi’s SSI certification course quite simply changed my life. The deep well of Magnus’s technical knowledge and experience coupled with Bobbi’s relentless and thoughtful correction of body mechanics has guided me to becoming a bodyworker who can see the bigger picture. “Getting out of my head and into my body” as Bobbi would say, has given me the opportunity to work from a place of balance and ease so that my work is intentional and effective. The knowledge of the fascial system of the body and theoretical lines organized through this system has changed the way I look at posture and movement and has filled in so many gaps left behind from my past anatomy classes. The amount of techniques, knowledge, examples, and everything else that was so freely shared with us is still slowly steeping in for me and will probably continue to for a long time. Magnus and Bobbi’s patience and compassion shine through their unique teaching styles and I am honored to be a student of theirs.”